tattoo website in Scunthorpe


Tattoo Website in Scunthorpe

I'm quite prepared to accept the notion that there are potentially good tattooists covering the Scunthorpe area. I've only ever seen the one that has a good site, or even a site detailing their great portfolio or showing an online presence. (This one!)

If you are a really good Tattoo Artist, are prepared to stake your reputation on it and are prepared to offer your time as an artist for my time in developing you a website, then get in touch.

Fact. A website such as this, with the ongoing work needed to keep it at the top of the rankings, would normally more than likely cost you in the region of £2000.00

Fact. I enjoy building and promoting websites. My forté is not so much in the initial design, but in the "getting results" scheme of things.

Fact. I'm not trying to sound like i'm up my own arose, but if someone gets in touch with me and i can't see any potential skill or talent in what you do, I'll more than likely not be interested in doing a site for you in return for getting inked.

Fact. If someone were to do a crap job at tattooing me, then yes, you will have a site getting returned in search engines - the one i'll write about the whole experience and detailing how crap you are.

If you therefore feel that you have designs worth showcasing, don't have a website at the moment, or were mis-sold one of those package deals, and are prepared to give me some great high quality work which will be showcased on your site, my site and others - then i can more than likely offer you a free website for your Tattoo shop / tattoo studio / tattoo parlour.

If you want a site on par with the below (or better), then get in touch and let me know what you can do for it.

Contact Andy via Search terms found under: (within last 72 hours)

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Top 5 popular pages:

Visitor lengths:

Up to 30 seconds - 47.4%
30 secs to 5 mins - 36.8%
20 mins to 1 hour - 10.5%
Over 1 hour - 5.3%

Current search engine wars:

MSN - 87.5%
Google - 12.50%

N.B. The site is not fully indexed by Google yet. Currently Google has only found the index page.

As well as Goole, i'm quite prepared to work with Tattoo studios and tattoo artists from Goole, Scunthorpe, Gainsborough, Goole, Goole, Cleethorpes, Worksop, Retford, Nottingham, Doncaster, Sheffield, Hull, Leeds etc.

If in doubt, ask.

Bear in mind it's all good and well having an all singing, all dancing, whistles-and-bells website (which isn't what i offer), but it's of no use, if nobody can find it or ever sees it (which is where i come in)

Remember, booking is always advisable - for tattoo work and consultations.


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