Portrait tattoos by an award winning tattooist


Portrait Tattoos

Children, Parents, Idols or Pets, portraits can be a great way to pay tribute to that special loved-one in your life. Portrait tattoos can represent change, achievement, desires and goals or just simply be a statement of who you are. Some real nuggets of wisdon are often quoted about portrait tattoos such as "yeah, a lot of work and concentration should be put into a portrait tattoo".


A "real lot of work and concentration" should go into every tattoo performed. When any artist gets to the point where they put more effort into one sort of tattoo over another, it's time they hung up their needles. Sorry, but if your tattooist isn't putting 100% effort into every piece they work on, then something is sadly wrong with their skills or attitudes and I don't think we need to spell out the problem here. You don't need or want - to have to suffer the end effect or your chosen artist having a bad hair day or having a sh1tty ethics.

With a great artist behind you such as Billy at Eternal Images, you are guaranteed the best portrait tattoo possible. Billy loves black and Grey work and loves portraits. It's a side of tattooing that is often more rewarding than just another tattoo but you'll get the same effort put into it - regardless. The best piece of advice you could be given if you want a portrait tattoo doing is the following: Take as many photos with you as possible - some will work - some won't. Take colour and black and white photos. Black and white more often than not show off the tones better and will give a better indication of what the finished product will look like. Talk to Billy about what you want, what it represents and listen to any advise he has on the subject.

Portraits are requested for as many reasons as any other Tattoo - all personal choice and all bearing their own meaning. We don't claim to be able to understand / sympathise with, or relate to everyones reasoning but we will give every portrait tattoo our all - the same as we do with every style of Tattoo.

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