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Ladies Tattoos

Just recently women seem to be increasingly more attracted towards Tattoos - especially towards the bolder and more artistic work. Whilst a lot of the traditionally-favoured Ladies-Tattoos will never be outdated, it has to be said that a great custom piece of work can be just as beautiful and feminine as the prettiest of simple rose or butterfly - if not more so. Eternal images has regular female clients who are going for sleeves, back pieces and the usual cover ups and freehand work.

Indeed, as celebrities adorn bigger and better Tattoos (such as Angelina Jolie) and almost every semi famous babe seems to have some Ink, it's no wonder that rivalry and competition is starting to filter in through the feminine enthusiasts. Bigger and better seems to be the way women are now thining. Why bother with a Winnie the pooh or a dolphin when you can have a full chest tattoo or a backpiece to die for? Here at Eternal Images, you will find the perfect choice and the perfect Artist to bring off the intended look, whether you are going straight in for a sexy but stylish gothic fantasy backpiece or a simple discreet traditional favourite.

With hundreds of thousands of designs to choose from and a great resident freehand artist, it's certain that a visit to Eternal Images at Goole will be worth your time whether you be a Tattoo first-timer or an Ink addict.

Our galleries showcase both female and male clients with ladies tattoos being shown including tribal, lower back, name tattoos, flowers and plenty of cover ups.

ladies tattoos completed here at Eternal images ladies tattoo at eternal images tattoo studio none outlined flower ladies tattos full back flower and butterfly tattoo

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