Eternal Images Tattoo Studio. Award winning Tattoo studio in Goole. Billy Feather - Tattoo Artist


Based in Goole, East Yorkshire, Eternal Images caters for all your tattoo and body piercing needs.

I'm Billy Feather and my team and I are on hand to make sure your tattoo experience is first-rate. Whether it be your first tattoo, a cover up or a one-off freehand polynesian, it's pretty much a given that you aren't going to be disappointed. Whether you are looking for traditional, modern, old-school, black and grey or portraits, I guarantee you a warm welcome, an artistic professional attitude and perhaps more important than anything else these days; some good old-fashioned enthusiastic talents.

A tattoo is a remarkably personal thing. They can have all manner of meanings to all manner of people. Keepsakes, memorials, pledges, trophies of triumph, milestones of your life but one thing will remain constant at Eternal Images, no matter what your tattoo means to you, it will be applied with the same degree of professionalism and care. Please, browse the site, get a feel for what I'm all about and the ethics we have here at Eternal Images. Have a look at some of our work in the galleries, and please heed the intended messages such as "Be happy with the studio & artist", "Hygiene Hygiene Hygiene" and "difference between Tattooists & Tattoo Artists". We're here to help you, give you a great Tattoo or Piercing and please you to the degree that you'll come back time and time again with your friends.

There is nothing more dismal than ending up with a half-hearted effort of a tattoo on your body just because the Tattooist is either having a bad-hair-day, or he/she can't concentrate because their "studio" is full of kids with nothing better to do than think they're being cool by hanging out there. It's unprofessional, unsettling and is guaranteed to drive away potential customers. You will not find this atmosphere at Eternal Images in Goole. Should anything happen at our end that means we aren't able to tattoo to the usual high standards (personal or otherwise - we're only human after all) , then we'll re-schedule your appointment. Satisfying your Tattoo needs, is our business.


Booking is always advisable. Our appointment book is currently taking bookings upto 4 weeks in advance - slots can appear so please ring or drop us an email.



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