3D tattoos & tattoo implants


3D Tattoos

There is a new emergence of 3d Tattoo work arriving which is again open for debate. Some claim its' safety is unproven and others argue that glass bead, teflon implants and stainless steel have been used for inserting safely enough for years.

I haven't read anything or seen any conclusive proof that this method is safe or not but below is some information on the subject. As and when any arguments or proof arises either way for raised tattoos / 3d tattoos / 3D tattooing, i'll add it here.

Tattoo raising / 3D tattoo effect is generally acheived by injecting small amounts of filler called hyaluronic acid (which is a natural sugar found in all living cells that attracts and binds water) beneath the tattoo with a syringe and needle. The level at which the needle enters is just beneath the tattoo in certain areas to add definition, countour and depth to the tattoo. Actual objects are rarely flat (especially objects defined in tattoos) so why not this method can add the same 3d tattoo effect to your ink.


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